Welcome to Daniel Webster

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Welcome to Daniel Webster!

Finding the right school for your child can be a very time-consuming process. To help simplify, let’s begin with the fact that the core curriculum offered at all SFUSD schools is essentially the same—so to find the right fit for both you and your child, it’s best to start with the things that set each school apart. And it is important to consider both yourself and your family through this process, as finding the right school community to join and to participate in can only increase the likelihood of educational success for your child and for their school. test

So, what sets Daniel Webster apart?

  1. A history of strong parent involvement and parent-led initiatives to improve the school. The can-do attitude that kept the school open in the face of two SFUSD-threatened closures has served to galvanize our school community, grow our fundraising, and keep needed resources flowing into the school. This means that on every level parents are involved and invested in the success of the school: from bringing in programs like Reading Partners and Playworks, to financial support, to building a healthy culture of inclusion for all families.
  2. A small, intimate, school where everyone gets to know you and your child’s name. Being small is a big deal for ensuring everyone gets individual attention both in the classroom and on the yard. Our staff of top-notch teachers, counselors and administrators work as a team and get to know every student so that they are comprehensively cared for and educated on a very personal level. It also means that the school can devote resources to meet each child’s specific needs.
  3. A strong link to and support from the Potrero Hill community: DW has been both physically and symbolically in the heart of Potrero Hill since it was opened in 1936. We have octogenarian volunteers who went to DW seventy years ago, and many current parents who are alumni. The legacy and history is strong, and the effects of this connection can be felt all around campus, as well as at our annual Taste of Potrero Fundraiser that is heavily attended by Potrero Hill residents.
  4. Daniel Webster is a continuing success story. Because we’re a turn-around school, there is an attitude of openness that welcomes new ideas and approaches to problem solving. Our test scores are improving every year, and the dialog is open with the SFUSD about what we need to continue our progress. We encourage you to meet and talk with our many families whose children are receiving superlative instruction and excelling academically.

If you’ve read this far, and want to learn more we urge you to come on a tour and/or email us and one of our many parent ambassadors will answer all your questions.

You are very welcome, and we can’t wait to get to know you!