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Daniel Webster has a dedicated staff of administrators and teachers with an exciting combination of youthful enthusiasm and broad experience. Grade level instructors work in teams to ensure academic parity among classrooms, share resources and ideas, and support one another in their goals to help our students achieve their potential. To learn more about the fantastic staff of Daniel Webster please take a look at the profiles below. Click here for staff email list.

Front Office

Carrie Betti – Principal

Angela Leung – Secretary


Autumn Rolfson – General Education

Maritza Vega – Spanish Immersion

Jessica Villa – Spanish Immersion

First Grade

Alyssa Salcido – General Education

Alex Grubb Mayorga – Spanish Immersion

Kay Antonia Perez – Spanish Immersion

Second Grade

Ron Russo – General Education

Caitlin Braithwaite – Spanish Immersion

Christina Kinslow – Spanish Immersion

Third Grade

Anita Parameswaran – General Education 

Ana Olivar – Spanish Immersion

Manny Vargas – Spanish Immersion

Fourth / Fifth Grade

Arielle Garcia – General Education

Joseph Merschdorf – General Education

Tessa Artale – Spanish Immersion 

Blanca Lopez – Spanish Immersion [on leave]

Xiomara Melendez Cierra – Spanish Immersion

Teacher Support

Sofia Gonzalez-Dyer – Resource Specialist

Ginger Wilson -Resource Specialist

Cesar Manzano – Bilingual Literacy Specialist

Peter Petroff – Paraprofessional and Computer Teacher

Cecilia McDonagh – Library Media Teacher

Student Support

Marisa Alfieri- Instruction Reform Coach

Reyna Fuentes – Custodian

Danny Wilcox – Counselor and Social Worker

Vanessa Piccolotti – Nurse

Esther Schlocker – Student Advisor

School Programs

Donald Armistead – Music Teacher

Ruben Guzman – Physical Education Instructor

Terri Scheid – Art Teacher

Laura Benton – Parent Liaison