School Announcements

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The best ways to stay up-to-date with the latest news about Daniel Webster:

  • Calendar: Subscribe to our Google calendar.
  • Wednesday Folder: Most Wednesdays you will receive a printed or digital update on what’s happening around school.
  • Join our list serves: We have two email lists that help you understand what’s going on in the Daniel Webster community. The dwschool list is for messages from our school. Generally these are messages from the principal or other staffers about official school events. The dwparents list is for messages, questions, and discussions among parents. It’s for parents only and not monitored by school staff. To sign up email us and include the following information
    • Your full name
    • Your child’s full name
    • Your child’s current grade
  • Morning Circle: Every Monday morning at 8:40AM students, parents, teachers, and staff meet on the playground to take attendance and hear the principal’s announcements. This a is a great opportunity to catch up on what’s happening around school.
  • PTA Meetings: Attend our monthly PTA meetings to learn more about events and discussions at Daniel Webster and how you can get involved. Generally our PTA meetings are held 6-7PM the second Tuesday of every month but check our Google calendar to be sure because the schedule may shift slightly during the course of the year, especially around holidays.