Roque Baron

Room 16

Roque Barón was born and raised in San Francisco’s Mission District to a Chilean father and Puerto Rican mother, both educators. He attended Buena Vista Elementary School, which featured a (relatively new, at the time) Spanish Immersion program. He was lucky enough to continue his bilingual education at Horace Mann Middle School. Roque credits his experience at both schools with his passion for teaching in Spanish.

He earned his BA from San Francisco State University, and he is currently in his final semester in its Multiple Subject (Bilingual) Elementary Education Program. Roque worked as a teacher’s assistant/child-care provider at Buena Vista Child Care for ten years, and has served the SFUSD through numerous jobs, including Noon-time Monitor, Student Advisor, Site-Support Substitute, and Special-Ed Para-Professional. He enjoys sharing his passion for reading, music, and the arts with students, and he loves to incorporate music & song into curriculum, which are powerful tools in language development. This is Roque’s second year teaching at Daniel Webster.

Roque likes to spend his free time playing with his young daughter, Itzel. She loves to read books, sing, dance, and play-wrestle with her Papa!  He is happy to be a part of such a joyful, respectful community of learners!