Garden, Nutrition, and Meal Programs

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Health & Garden Education

Daniel Webster has a vibrant teaching garden and outdoor education program established by an ongoing grant from PREFund. The program is currently implemented through a partnership with the Food Education Project, offering health, nutrition and ecology lessons, while integrating the garden into regular and after-school curriculums.

Meal Programs

It’s no secret that hungry students are at a disadvantage in the classroom and on the playground. Daniel Webster has programs in place to ensure that students nutritional needs are met.

Breakfast and lunch are provided by the Nutrition Services Department of SFUSD. Free or paid meals are provided to all students based on family income level. Breakfast is served starting at 8:10am.

In 2012 SFUSD awarded a new Meal Contract to Oakland-based Revolution Foods, providing healthier school meal options that meet or exceed USDA nutrition requirements fueling academic excellence by providing safe, nutritious meals and promoting student wellness.

To see the latest menus check the SFUSD site.


The San Francisco Food Bank provides a healthy snack daily to all students through their Morning Snack Program.