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Library and literacy

The adventure of reading and the joy it brings can only happen with a focus on literacy both at school and at home. Every student has weekly visits to our well-stocked, cozy school library, experiencing the excitement and responsibility of borrowing books. Our dedicated librarian guides each child to interesting and appropriate reading material. In addition, the newly renovated Potrero Hill branch library is only one block away. Daniel Webster staff and students benefit greatly from this valuable state-of-the-art resource.

A monthly Families as Readers program encourages reading together at home. In addition, our Literacy Specialist is on campus every day, working with individual students and small groups to ensure reading proficiency.

After school

Daniel Webster’s after school programs offer a rotating cast of enrichment opportunities. They are always changing but include sports like soccer and capoeira, math club, chess club, coding, and much more.

Computer lab

In 2009, a PKDW Parent and Potrero Hill resident generously donated more than 100 “like new” professional-grade computers for the entire school. Beginning in Kindergarten, our computer teacher instructs students in age-appropriate content standards and provides opportunities for differentiated learning.


Daniel Webster offers GATE, The Gifted and Talented Education program for accelerated learners in grades 4-5.

Field trips

Daniel Webster students take advantage of the amazing cultural and science resources in San Francisco with field trips to the Academy of Sciences, Mission Science, Symphony Hall AIM concerts, Outdoor Education for grades 4 & 5 and more.

Daniel Webster Peacemakers Program

As educators, we must empower students to become leaders and to take responsibility for their choices and actions. We are proud to have a number of programs which build leadership skills and teach conflict resolution and teamwork.

Under the guidance of our beloved Learning Support Professional, Ms. Terra Gauthier, 4th & 5th grade students receive training in conflict resolution and positive communication. They are empowered during lunch and recess to mediate minor disagreements between students.