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Founded in 2008, DW’s PTA is committed to supporting our school, helping to build community, and support an environment rich in learning opportunities for our children. We strongly believe that parent and community involvement makes schools stronger by providing extra support to students, teachers, and staff. It’s easy to join the PTA. We charge a small annual membership fee of $20. Our monthly meetings are warm and welcoming. Childcare and dinner are provided.

Active subcommittees ensure that the business of monthly meetings is covered quickly and efficiently so ample time can be devoted to an educational, informational or community service component to provide enrichment for our families.

Meetings are generally held the second Tuesday of the month from 5:30-7:30pm in the cafeteria. Check the DW calendar to confirm dates.

To join Daniel Webster’s PTA you sign up at our Square store today! (That link will take you to a separate page that is secure.) Or you can fill out a Daniel Webster PTA Pledge form and bring it to the next PTA meeting. Make checks payable to ‘Daniel Webster PTA’. Please note: You must renew your PTA membership yearly to qualify as a voting member.

We hope to see you at the next meeting!


PTA Officers & Contact Info

President – Julie Shumate

Vice-President – Sharon Ng

Treasurer – Becky Blondin

Secretary – Sima Porten

Membership Chair – Agnieszka Balaj



September 2018: English | Español

PTA Offices, Elections, and Duties

Elections are held in May. Nominations accepted in April. We encourage parents to donate their vision and effort to guiding the PTA in a leadership role. If you’re interested in a position, please familiarize yourself with the duties of the office.


  1. Set the tone and direction of the PTA at DW, and do what needs to be done including:
  2. Chair PTA meetings
  3. Maintain correspondence between city and statewide PTA Groups
  4. Lead PTA executive board to plan events, meetings and general calendar organization
  5. Meet with Principal and Staff to build rapport and establish team ethos for all PTA-led school efforts
  6. When possible attend city and statewide PTA events
  7. Receive PTA correspondence
  8. Average time, approximately 10-25 hours per month.


  1. Work with the President and other officers to set the direction of the PTA and do what needs to be done including:
  2. Prepare agenda and facilitating meetings when the President can’t be there.
  3. Survey parents about their volunteer interests at the beginning of the school year and pass names on to team leaders.
  4. Plan programs for a few PTA meetings each year.
  5. Work with the Treasurer to prepare and present the year’s budget to the membership.
  6. With Fundraising Chair, coordinate the annual direct appeal fundraising letter to parents and guardians.
  7. Average time, approximately 5-15 hours per month.


  1. Write checks, make deposits and enter data in Quickbooks
  2. Prepare ledgers of checks written & deposits made for approval at monthly PTA meetings
  3. Meet with Executive PTA committee to prepare a budget for approval at PTA meeting
  4. Plan programs for a few PTA meetings each year.
  5. Average time, approximately 1 – 2 hours weekly, with an extra hour or 2 to prepare for monthly PTA meeting.


  1. Attend monthly PTA meetings and take notes during meeting
  2. Post the notes from the monthly meetings to the membership and file printed copy with the official minutes
  3. Provide copies of the previous month’s minutes at each PTA meeting for review and approval
  4. Average time, approximately 6 hours per month, including general and board meetings

Fundraising Chair

  1. Attend all Exec board meetings. With the PTA Exec Committee, determine annual fundraising dollar goal and strategy to meet that goal based on volunteer capacity and resources available at DW on a year-by-year basis.
  2. Work with President to create academic year event calendar, and coordinate spacing of activities with President and Principal.
  3. Organize and manage Annual Fund Drive in Autumn in coordination with Back to School communications and efforts.
  4. Recruit fundraising event managers and teams; supervise and support in the planning and execution of all fundraising activities as needed. Require and collect compiled event and committee manuals. Ensure compliance with CA PTA insurance and loss prevention guide (i.e., parent approval & student waiver forms).
  5. Attend event-planning meetings, and assist event chairs with necessary action items: reservation of space, custodian requests, supply purchases, city permits, etc.
  6. Liaise with full PTA membership at all PTA meetings with updates on Fundraising efforts; organize and implement fundraising strategy meetings with PTA membership as needed.
  7. Average time, approximately 10-25 hours per month.

Membership Chair

  1. Attend all Exec. PTA Board Meetings
  2. Establish membership goals for the organization and implement year-long membership campaign.
  3. Organize and run the PTA membership drive (Aug.- Dec.).
  4. Support PTA meetings by organizing meeting meals, childcare and activities if possible.
  5. Track membership by member for submission of council dues.
  6. Provide membership updates at PTA meetings.
  7. With Fundraising Chair, Provide 501(c)3 donor tax documentation. Send out thank you letters to contributors.