Daniel Webster in the news

Walking ‘school bus’ helps put kids on course

By Lois Kazakoff – The San Francisco Chronicle – November 29, 2013

Each school day, a dozen or more children who live in Potrero Hill public housing hop on board their very own “school bus” to travel safely with friends to Daniel Webster and Starr King elementary schools. “Driver” Uzuri Pease-Greene starts the long, steep pull up 25th Street at 7:30 a.m. Her adult daughter, Urell Pease, makes sure the “bus” stays on schedule. The children walk briskly, chatting all the while, stopping frequently at front doors to take on more passengers.

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Daniel Webster among SFUSD schools awarded for innovation

SFUSD Press Release – November 13, 2013

20 schools were awarded cash prizes for demonstrating an impact on student achievement, or innovative strategies and practices, for serving historically underserved student populations. The awards are part of the Quality Teacher and Education Act (QTEA) approved by San Francisco voters in 2008.

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Potrero Hill elementary school is a success story

By Heather Knight – The San Francisco Chronicle – May 9, 2012

Six years ago, they were idealistic new moms living on Potrero Hill and embarking on an unlikely quest: saving their neighborhood school, Daniel Webster Elementary, from closure by the San Francisco school board.

Just about every aspect of their effort was unusual. They were white and well-off, whereas Daniel Webster was composed of a heavily minority, very poor student body that performed badly on standardized tests.

The moms had toddlers who were years away from kindergarten and, if statistics were any guide, their families would move to the suburbs or opt for private schools.

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Parents rescue inner city school

By Jill Tucker – The San Francisco Chronicle – August 23, 2009

Jennifer Betti had a simple wish: She wanted to walk her son to school, and she didn’t want to have to move from her Potrero Hill home to a suburb to do it.

Up the hill was an elementary school, a run-down school with 1980s orange paint and so few students the school board was days from a vote to shutter it.

Betti’s son Roman was just a toddler at the time, the early days of 2006, and she knew she had only one chance to make her wish come true: save Daniel Webster Elementary School.  Keeping it open would be the first step. Really saving it, well, that was something else altogether.

Betti was among seven moms and a dad who decided to try.

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