Daniel Webster and testing data

We know that if you evaluated Daniel Webster just on the basis of testing data in Great Schools and the new California State Schools Dashboard many people wouldn’t be interested in our school. But if you visit our school you’ll find a community of thriving students and fantastic families. So what gives? Why are the test scores so out of whack with the reality of our school?


  • Our Authentic Reading Comprehension test scores are telling a story of success, and it’s that Daniel Webster’s kindergarteners FAR EXCEED the district average in reading. Only 57% total of SFUSD kindergarteners were reading at or above grade level in English (for those not in an immersion program) at the mid-year mark, and at Daniel Webster 86% of our GE kindergarteners are at or above grade level by our second cycle of assessments in February.
  • In the Spanish Immersion program, where student reading levels are tested in Spanish, 93% of our kindergarteners are at or above grade level midway through the year.  For native Spanish speakers, district wide, only 45% of kindergarteners were reading in Spanish at or above grade level at the middle of the year, but 86% of Daniel Webster students who are native Spanish speakers are at or above grade level. For non-native Spanish speakers, only 39% district-wide were at or above grade level in Spanish reading at the midway year mark, but 100% of DW students were there.
  • These numbers are huge for both of our language pathways, and we would like to celebrate them with our community.  Almost every single kindergartener at Daniel Webster is reading at or above grade level in their language of instruction, when just over half of kindergarteners district wide are meeting that benchmark.  Our end of the year reading comprehension data is similar with Daniel Webster students outperforming the district average in both the General Education Pathway and Spanish Immersion Pathways in our primary grades.


Much of the data used in these reports is years out of date. We are seeing improved testing in more recent years and expect the combination of our new leadership, fully renovated school, and a variety of other factors to yield improvements in our testing data.