Carrie Betti – Principal

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Carrie Betti -School Principal

Ms. Betti is from Santa Cruz, California. She came to San Francisco 27 years ago to attend college at SFSU where she received a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies, and her Master’s degree and Administrative Credential from Cal State East Bay in Educational Leadership. She has been a principal for 13 years, and prior to that a bilingual classroom teacher across the grade levels for nine years. Ms. Betti believes in bilingual education and sees first hand the benefits of speaking English and Spanish in our community. One of her favorite quotes is, “quien habla dos idiomas, vale por dos.”

Ms. Betti is committed to social justice, and believes that all students and families should see themselves in the curriculum, in school governance, and at school celebrations and events. She believes that together we can make a difference in the lives of students and their families.

Ms. Betti loves to play four square, read, cook, and listens music everyday. She lives with her husband in San Francisco, and loves to serve the San Francisco community as a school principal.