Academic Programs at Daniel Webster

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Daniel Webster’s strong academic curriculum is balanced by many wonderful enrichment programs. We strive for a multi-disciplined approach that incorporates the arts and technology as well as physical and interpersonal skills so that students can discover and develop their individual strengths and passions.

Core Curriculum

Daniel Webster teaches the California state core curriculum and offers two distinct language pathways, English Language Development, or General Education, and Spanish Immersion. We offer one General Education class per grade and two classrooms of Spanish Immersion per grade up through third grade and one in fourth grade (we will be adding a second fourth grade class next year). The General Education and Spanish Immersion teachers work together so that all the kids in a single grade are working on the same material, just in different languages.

Literacy and Mathematics

Daniel Webster has a very strong focus on literacy and mathematics. We are using the Reading and Writing Project (developed at Teachers College at Columbia University) to develop not just readers, but children who see themselves as authors. In the program all children engage in extensive writing and reading and present their writings to peers and parents each month.